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Possible Solution to the energy debacle?

I’ve been watching this company for a couple years now, and I’m still not convinced if what they say they can do is real or not, but Italy is going to give it a shot. If this really works as advertised, then this is the way of the future.

Black Light Power Inc

If anyone knows anything about this – particularly as to if it is a hoax or not, I’d love to hear about it! Put something in the comments.

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BP: Shifting Gears?

Greenpeace gave BP the Emerald Paintbrush in recognition of their greenwash campaign. However, one thing that is interesting is that BP invested $1.5 Billion last year in “green” technologies. They also have adopted a logo that is very similar to the Green Party of Canada. They also spent $16 Million to lobby congress in 2009. They are mentioned right along with GE whenever “Green Investing” and “Green Initiatives” are involved.

So what?

Well, here’s what I think: they will drag out the leaking oil as long as they can to make things look as bad as possible in the hopes that the USA will not produce any oil of its own – thus relying more heavily on OPEC for oil, which would better create the environment of a monopoly. By doing this, the price can be artificially raised; thus, BP can make more money while producing less oil.

In the meantime, BP will come out with a mea culpa once they’ve leaked enough oil to completely ruin all domestic production of oil in the USA. They will announce more “Green” initiatives and push for EPA cap and trade. They will be doing this to “repent” for their crimes. Meanwhile, they’ll quietly start gouging us on the oil we import.

Too conspiracy theorist? Well, the groundwork is there.

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Lisa Jackson: EPA knows best

Lisa Jackson has seen the worries of small businesses and responded with… (drum roll)… socialist rhetoric.

Let me paraphrase it with what she really is saying (if you want her actual words follow the link above):

Small Business, your concern about higher energy prices, higher taxes and your fears about buying oil from our enemies is unfounded. By taxing the bejeesus out of you and your customers (really your customers twice because we know you’ll pass on the added expense to them) and force you to buy very unnecessarily expensive energy – we will provide you with that excuse you were looking for to go out of business and collect welfare.

Let’s talk about that expensive energy for a second: we’re going to require you to buy energy from intermittent sources while we outlaw collection of reliable sources on American soil so that we guarantee that the USA continues to by oil from our enemies who do not get excited over little things like oil spills. This will prevent any more BP style disasters… near us anyhow.

This is going to stimulate the economy – well, the government economy anyways. This way the government will be forced to own and operate everything – because who else would enter into a market where they KNOW they can’t make any money? Also, the government is going to need to do this in order to pay for all those welfare checks. Well, and to convince China to keep lending us money.

I mean, the sooner you just accept this, the sooner I can move on to other projects like  Soviet style 5 year plans. The only reason they didn’t work for the Soviets was because they didn’t have enough hope and change. The president has my back. Hell, he put me here, so you can’t stop me! Hahahaha

The laughter may be a bit over the top, but not the part about being unable to stop her.

Check it out.

I feel sick.

The Energy Density Problem

Now that BP blundered, the push for renewable energy is on again. Just in time too! Cap and Taxoutofexistance was just about to die. Funny ol’ worl’ you reckon?

Before we go further into the deep end, let’s remember why renewable resources don’t work despite about 40 years of intense and expensive research:

Solar and Wind will never work because they require a LOT of space to set up, and environmentalists can always scrounge up (or make up?) some pathetic animal to trot out in front of us as an excuse to not build what we all admit we want because environmentalists choose to behave like flagellate priests. In the case of the spotted owl in the Arizona White Mountains – I don’t think it exists and I’ve spent decades in those mountains.

Anyhow, ignoring the fact that such facilities will never be built because of the screechings of the climate priests, here is why these technologies can not replace our current power sources: Energy Density. Yes, they are renewable, and yes the power is all over, but it is not concentrated densely enough to be useful as a main power source.

Here is an article that lays it out nicely.

So when you see a politician say, “Weeeelll now! The BP spill is just proof we need more windfarms and solar plants,” remember that they are not offering a solution; they are offering a very expensive distraction.

Cap & Trade’s Magic Trick

Cap and Tax relies on the same trick.

I’m writing this because I hear a lot about how these concepts work, but there is one element of these strategies that I have not seen get any attention, and I’d like to bring some to it now.

Innovation. This is the lynchpin element that makes it supposedly alright to cap and “make energy prices necessarily skyrocket”. Innovation is the advent that must happen to bring prices back down. Let’s talk about innovation:

My micro-economics teacher from years ago said that it takes about four years for the average Research and Development (RD) team to modify an existing technology in a theoretical way and bring it to market. Now, let’s talk about RD in general. In order for a large company or Joe the Plumber to want to engage in RD, they need extra income. RD is nothing more than a hope or a wish until the day it is known that something can come to the market. This means it is potentially a waste of money. A really BIG waste of money because the first try is definitely going to fail, and each try after that will likely fail until some time down the road; but they keep trying because if they are the first to come up with this magical item, then they will make magnitudes more money than they spent to get the technology.

Now, with that in mind: we are in a world-wide recession. That means that times are hard for all companies and even Joe. When times get hard, extra money dries up fast – and the first expense to go is RD. Next are incidental expenses like non-compulsory travel and new chairs for the office. After that are wages – in the form of layoffs. If things still don’t perk up, then borrowing grows, followed by bankruptcy. Guess which phase the global economy is at? If you need a hint, check out any of the PIIGS posts.

Therefore, the world does not have any extra money that it can spend on innovation – especially on something as tricky as “eco friendly power”. This is a problem we’ve been wrestling with since the 1970s and we still don’t have a good answer. Remember the four years above? It’s been ten times that many years and billions of dollars and we still don’t have a good alternative to fossil fuels.

There are no rabbits in the hat. When you hear a politician say “innovation will happen”, you should instantly write that politician off as a sell out and/or ignorant. We are not in the type of market atmosphere that can support RD, and it simply won’t happen right now. If we do anything to make energy more expensive in the hope that some magical innovation will happen to make it cheaper again, then we are going to be really sad, angry and poor, while at the same time ensuring that we stay that way.

Don’t let Cap and Trade in your neighborhood!

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Climate Change: The Ship is on Fire

Now that the politicians that ensured those cushy grants to scientists so long as they linked whatever they were working on to Global Warming or the newer Climate Change are watching their careers crumble before their very eyes – the rats are jumping ship.

Observe: The Fire, marked most notably by some smoke – polls showing that no major or up-coming industrial nation’s populace views Climate Change as anything to be concerned about when compared to jobs. Check out traffic comparisons on the two. Even the British are onto it – and they have been remarkably gullible through this.

And now, the sure sign that the SS Climate Change is doomed – the rats are fleeing the ship. See Here and Here.

It seems that the scientific community has been alerted to the political climate and has said, “What? The funding is going away? That’s not so bad. I was so tired of playing lip service to this crap anyways.”

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The Socialist Harvest

I saw this article the other day that has the headline Regarding climate change, Kerry should heed science. How naive. This bill isn’t about science or climate change. Those are just pretenses that they are using to cram the bill down our throats. Since 1988, socialists have completely hijacked the environmental movement and turned it into a farm of fear that can be harvested at a later date. The socialists now see that the world is cooling and so they are trying to pick what fruit they can, and that is what the Kerry bill is all about. Real science has nothing to do with this.

The global warming hysterics have been soundly disproved, the economy has tanked and people are getting tired of being told they have to be poor or else a fish is going to die. Time is of the essence for free-market hating socialists like Kerry. They are on the cusp of losing all they’ve worked for over the past 22 years and so they are pushing for several last projects, of which this bill is one.

The best thing our representatives can do right now is have the courage to vote to keep things the same. Don’t pass any new bills – especially ones that are based on shaky “scientific” findings like Climate Change.