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The only sane Iran proposal

Iran has a lot of folks nervous, and I can understand why. A response seems appropriate – but what kind of response?

Off the top of my head there are four categories of response that we could do: Aggressive, Passive Aggressive, Binding, Endearing. We already do the Passive Aggressive thing – sanctions – and they don’t work. They injure the Iranian people, but not the Iranian government. Their gov’t has the Chinese and Russians to provide for them. Worst of all – the sanctions give legitimacy to the Iranian gov’t in the eyes of the Iranian people. I mean, it’s pretty intuitive for them to say, “Hey, the US is doing these sanctions to keep you poor, but don’t worry, we’ll get back at them for you.”

Aggressive response? That would be another Iraq. That’s worked out so well for us and the Iraqis. In the end, we’d just be hurting the Iranian people even more. Sure, we could eliminate that one regime, but several others would take its place. Worst of all – it is only temporary. Sooner or later they would rebuild. This should be the last option and we can’t initiate it. We can always do this option later if needed.

Endearing? Impossible for the US at the moment because of the Passive Aggressive technique.

The only sane proposal:

Binding Response – this would be where we remove the sanctions and allow our businesses to do business with the Iranian people. Specifically: remove tariffs on all goods shipped in from Iranian merchants. Become Iran’s biggest trade partner. They may not like us any more than they do now, but the entire populace would have a vested interest in not being enemies with us. Do you think their gov’t officials don’t have relatives that want to trade with us? You bet they do.

What about Israel?

Israelis are tough, smart and motivated. We should treat them like adults and let them do what they think they need to do. If they want us to park an aircraft carrier in a harbor and have a nuke missile sub nearby in case something happens to that carrier – sure. Nukes tend to hurt large areas and Israel is awfully small. The X-Rays from a nuke blast alone would almost certainly harm that ship – an act of war against us. If a country were to attack Israel, they’d have to use conventional weapons.

Why I like this proposal:

It does two things that I think are important:

  1. It treats the Iranians and Israelis like adults. This is a level of dignity we’ve denied both countries since WWII.
  2. It harms nobody and actually helps a developing country, while creating bonds that the developing country will be loath to break. This translates into security for us.
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    Hey Dorks. Come back to Ikariam. Nobody cares about politics any more.

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      I am still playing on the Gamma server on .ORG. I may have stop the .com forums and see what is going on… if I am not banned… again.

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