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PIIGS: Redux


Here we go again. This time, however, Germany has cold feet. They know they are the only true economic force in the EU. France and the UK are sort of treading water (after a fashion), but certainly are not drivers. So Germany doesn’t want to be the only country bailing out Greece – especially without some sort of restructuring to make sure this is “the last time”.

Other talking heads will be quick to point out that other countries have pledged to support a bailout, but let’s take a look at this:

The other PIIGS are on the verge of total collapse:

Portugal – Just received a bailout and the Chinese have just recently bought billions of € of their debt. They have made absolutely no changes to improve their economy.

Ireland – Just received another bailout in return for the loss of their sovereignty. Their finance minister that penned the deal died of “pancreatic cancer”. Maybe he did, but then again, it sure was convenient timing.

Italy – The biggest conversation for Italy right now is “who is the most corrupt politician in Italy?” They dug their hole a long time ago and are quite happy staying right there. At least they’ve mostly stopped digging.

Greece – Can’t help itself. Their politicians are behaving just like African warlords without the murder. They just take billions straight from the public coffers to their own pockets. Very little of the money from the last bailout is accounted for.

Spain – Unemployment is still in the 20s. Their banks are running to South America to get the heck out of Madrid. The only way they stay afloat is to pay current liabilities with promises to collect on other liabilities. To do so, they need to collect from… Greece – and Ireland. Portugal too. Oops.


So who’s going to help the Germans bail out Greece? The USA, surely. But the USA will just be printing useless money and that will actually hurt things after the initial payment. Norway isn’t likely to lend to a lost cause. Switzerland just got its arm twisted by the USA to release the names of American tax dodgers… so they probably aren’t too keen on helping the USA to bail out the Greeks. The English and French couldn’t help bail them out last time and are in even worse shape now. No, it’s all Germany, all the way.

So, I can understand why Germany is upset. The smart thing for the Germans to do would be to get out of the EU, but that won’t happen. Their political parties are also political parties in other countries. Don’t think for a moment the SPD members in France and Italy are going to let their elected officials in Germany withdraw from the EU, thus collapsing their homes! Not unless the populace rises up and kicks the party system entirely.

Greece needs to just be kicked to the curb and Germany needs to leave this gang of losers (EU).

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Election Stuff to Consider

June 18, 2011 3 comments

The new presidential elections will be getting going soon, and I think now is a good time to talk about types of political philosophies and how to identify them. Basically, everybody can be loosely lumped into two main categories – Maturist and Leftist/Statist. I am completely coining the term “Maturist” right here and now. You will not see it elsewhere.

Broad definitions:

Maturist – someone who understands bad things happen to good people, and take care to prepare for such things well in advance. They prefer to handle all problems themselves and are able to handle stress. They can turn calamity into fortune. They approach other people’s problems with logic and will help in meaningful ways that enable the other person. You know, acting maturely.

Leftist/Statist – a perpetual myopic child that cannot think more than a few weeks ahead and who will run to anyone in authority whenever something not exactly to their liking happens. They supplant their parents with government when they get older. Furthermore, they are arrogant and each considers him or her self to be the only person in the world with a conscious and by virtue of this, each feels that he/she must force the rest of the world through government to behave as he/she thinks they should. These are the people ruining our society.

Now, looking at these two it seems like it would be easy to categorize people into one or the other based on their political views, but it is not. There are various political views that are popular right now and different people can have more than one, as most people tend to pick the view they like the best for any given issue.

Let’s check out some distinctions:

Leftist/Statist views:

Socialism – This is the view that private property does not exist. Everything is inherently owned by the state and so it is up to the state to make sure that the proper people get what they need to support society. An example of this is welfare, where the property of a productive person (i.e. his/her money) is taken away by the state and given to an unproductive person.

  • People who have this view: Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, most University professors, bureaucrats, most Democrats, George H Bush.

Fascism/Mercantilism – The idea that free enterprise is ok, as long as the government is the entity to pick the firms that engage in it. The reason these are paired is because the Mercantilists are the ones who put the Fascists in power and the Fascists ensure the Mercantilists are protected from competition. For example: The new debit card processing fee legislation. This will ensure that only the very large processors stay in business as it will obliterate their smaller competitors.

  • People who have this view: Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Government Regulators, George W Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, most Republicans, Mike Huckabee, Hannity

Maturist Views:

Libertarian/Individualist – This is a view of “leave me alone and I’ll take care of it”. Most people of this persuasion view government intervention as unnecessary, and at times, outright hostile. They believe in private property. These are people that feel it is ok for people to make bad decisions as long as the decisions do not negatively impact other people. For example – “End the Fed” by Ron Paul.

  • People who have this view: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Rand Paul

Where the problems are:

If people were principled and firmly set in their views regardless of situation, then we could decide how to categorize them more efficiently. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Take Mike Huckabee for example – he’s all about reducing taxes and he wants to cut “government waste”, because those sound good, but at the same time he is all about turning to government for regulations and controls to ensure what he feels are “the right people” are the only ones that can engage in business. In other words, he’s a fascist dressed in maturist clothing.

The easy way of identifying a Leftist/Statist: If someone thinks that having government force people to be “better” is a good idea, then that is a Leftist/Statist. If someone is against out of control spending, against wars in far off places, against ballooning health costs, but is ok with having the government tell you what you can put in your body, where you can live, or if/how you do business, then that is a Leftist/Statist. Do you see the problem? Half sounds like maturist ideas and the other half are not.

If even ONE Leftist/Statist idea is ok with that person, then that person is a Leftist/Statist.

Consider this when you are reviewing the potential candidates this coming election.

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