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The Holy Church of Western Government

The Socialist View of Government

In the beginning, there was government. Government created the Earth and Seas and animals and finally people. People, being foolish and too ignorant to know better, took some of the Earth away from Government. By doing so, they created more food and wealth than what Government had intended them to make and this caused their numbers to increase beyond that which Government deemed prudent. To solve this, Government created war and taxes to pay for it. Through war, the numbers of people would occasionally fall back to what Government deemed prudent, and through taxes Government could starve those that survived in order to keep them from reproducing too successfully.

Then some people took the power of invention away from Government and created specialization. This allowed them to live in cities, which Government liked because it made them easier to affect en masse, but then they started trading with their neighbors and learning things like medicine. This caused their numbers to once again increase. Government found it difficult to stop this since the people tended to get along well with the people they were trading with, so Government took control of another invention of the people – Religion. Using Religion, Government was able to divide the people and set neighbor on neighbor and incite hatred (even though Religion said that sort of thing was bad. Government was powerful enough to force Religion to collude). Government jealously took back the power of invention.

Then people got tired of killing because Government made Religion tell them to, and for a while they went back to trading. This cycled a few times before finally Government convinced the people that they didn’t need Religion to kill each other anymore. They could do it just to appease Government. Government gave the people invention back so that they could find ways of being more efficient in killing each other – and they did – but they also found other things they liked using invention, particularly more medicines and more things to make them live longer and better lives.  In a fit, Government convinced one group of people it was their Government Given Right to slaughter other people wholesale – and they did. Then, when people had gotten tired of that, Government let them take a break for twenty years and then had them do it again.

Recently, people have become tired of this again, and are taking a break. They haven’t had any other such wars since. Many people have died in wars, but by comparison they have all been small matters. Government is still angry about the number of people inhabiting the world, and it is grumbling again….

The devout priests of the Almighty Government (politicians) try to appease Government by feeding it more taxes and giving it more control over the peoples’ lives in return for the wealth and power that Government provides. They do this today as it always has been done since Government created the world. Occasionally, the people take some of this control away from Government by limiting what they give to the priests. Government, knowing they are foolish and ignorant, have the priests try to gently goad the people back into compliance by raising taxes and limiting their power to collaborate – and especially by limiting their power to trade. If this doesn’t work, then once again Government will have the priests use war to coerce the people back into adherence; while at the same time, killing as many as possible because it is Government’s belief that there are and always have been entirely too many people around.

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