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The Proper Response to Socialists

Their world is uncertain and out to get them.


I’ve been thinking about socialists in an attempt to put myself in their shoes. There is a reason why the state controlling everything and meting out resources makes sense to them. First, I bit the bullet and watched some MSNBC, read some articles at the Huffington Post, Der Spiegel, etc and since I couldn’t agree at all with what they were saying, I just tried to get an objective feel for the person saying it. Granted, I have to also assume that some are just actors playing a part, but even so, assuming they are playing it correctly – that is still useful.

Some Observations:

  • They frown a lot. They literally have frown lines burned into their faces that have been botoxed, painted and pinched with surgery to look young and not frowney.
  • Unshakable self righteousness. The concept that they might be operating on inaccurate or incomplete assumptions is not a possibility in their minds.
  • Naked aggression towards anyone with a contrarian view. This manifests as hostile (e.g. These morons are so stupid…) or as belittling (e.g. Well, they’re just not smart enough to understand…).
  • They constantly threaten any among their flock to not stray from their view (e.g. Any of us are smart enough to see that, but they just don’t get it). That example is an example of their “othering” activities – i.e. you adhere to what we say and do, or you are one of those “others”, and you don’t want to be with those “others” do you?

This strikes me as “playground” behavior. These are the sorts of things that bullies use to push the weaker kids into their group where they can exploit and control them. The weaker kids then find other kids that are weaker still and exploit them. To do so, they use the above tactics.

Here’s a website that goes into great detail on the art of bullying.

I happen to agree with that website in that the bullying behavior rises out of feelings of inadequacy and fear. The critical question with socialists is what do they fear and why do they feel inadequate?

The “Hot Chick Dilemma”: This Dilemma arises because human beings tend to behave like electricity when faced with challenge – we take the path of least resistance.

How it works: hot chicks are afraid of getting a bad grade, and working on the homework to the point they get good enough at it to get a good grade is harder than talking sweetly to the dorky kid that can bang the homework out in no time with an A grade, so she takes the easy way out. Once the hot chick starts doing this, it is all she knows how to do, and she knows that’s a bad thing. Sooner or later she is fairly certain that it will be important for her to have these skills on her own, but now it’s too late. The moment to learn has passed and she perceives it as being gone forever. Now she feels like she is at a disadvantage. To make up for this, she will always look for expedients that are easy. She will start finding reasons why everything is unfair and will use this lack of fairness as a reason to try to get special treatment – think of it as a subsidy – because of her self-imposed disadvantage. Besides, talking sweetly and looking pretty to get pity is something she has perfected, so why not use it?

Socialists have a similar problem when faced with a free market. They immediately see that some people are already rich and successful and some people are not. Since almost everybody falls into the second category, the socialist is also in that category. There are two options – work hard, find a niche skill or product, take risks and become wealthy; or villainize those few that are rich and demand they just give up their wealth to everyone else. Usually, they are perfectly fine with working hard and finding niches – it’s the taking risks that scares the bejesus out of them.

Now, both the hot chick and the socialist are put into a predicament – one by relying on natural beauty to garner pity and the other relying on income disparity to garner pity. The proper response to this behavior is to tell them to “get a job you bum!” They will claim they are discriminated against and that they can’t. They will attack and belittle anyone who exposes them as beggars. You know, like bullies.

Bringing it back to the beginning:

How to handle these people?


  1. Do not enable them – don’t let anyone do the hot chick’s homework for her. Don’t give one dollar out in welfare because the socialist wants it.
  2. Give them the pity they ask for. They are crippled, disabled people and you should treat them as such. Be understanding of their situation. Don’t belittle them because of their situation, and don’t try to fix it for them – just be understanding.
  3. For the socialist – assure them that some risks are worth taking and challenge them to find some. They take risks every day – for example: everyone speeds when they drive. Get them talking about that little risk they take. We can all agree it’s ok, so it should not cause an argument. This will get them more comfortable with risks.
  4. Point out a hole in their socialist doctrine and then talk about solutions – slowly turning to free market solutions.


This seriously works. I am very proud to announce that I have gotten an ardent socialist friend of mine to, without ever talking to me or anyone else, come to the conclusion that free market solutions are preferable for the healthcare problem than government solutions. He even came to the conclusion regulation at the behest of the AMA is what caused skyrocketing costs all on his own.

I have another socialist friend who came to the conclusion – all by herself – that charity is superior to government welfare programs. We both agree that neither is perfect, but with charity you get more bang for your buck.

It took over two years to plant the seeds in these people, and they still regard themselves as socialists, but their behavior is changing, and that’s what matters.

Go get ’em!

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