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Police Part 4: Mercenaries

Swiss Guards – the Swiss were considered the best Mercenaries in the world for hundreds of years.

A prince who holds a state that is founded on the strength of mercenary armies will never be firm or secure, since such armies are divided, ambitious, without dscipline, and fickle – brave in the face of friends, cowardly in the face of enemies. Machiavelli, The Prince

I can think of no better description of the Police we have today to “serve and protect” us. The problem with mercenaries is that no amount of money can buy a person’s life. What I mean, is that no matter how much you offer a person to protect you with his/her life – when the moment comes, no amount of money will make that person keep that promise. Sure, a person could devote his life to another person – but not to every person.

With the police, this manifests itself in that police (usually through their unions) are always demanding more Compensation (I covered their compensation in Police Part 3: Money Talks). As part of their marketing gimmick they espouse how dangerous the job is – as if every call ends in a shootout with a heavily armed cracked out drug dealer that has a beautiful damsel in distress under one arm and a giant machine gun in the other and, of course, don’t forget the helpless child that gets rescued at the end.

The reality of the situation is that police seek the least confrontational crimes they can, such as traffic violations, so that they can avoid anything that could be construed as dangerous. Their Unions promote this by lobbying lawmakers to pass more laws that allow the police to cite people for engaging in activities that might result in a crime, rather than investigating crimes or pursuing really bad people.

Nevertheless, being continually trained to anticipate and use violence, the police often seek to use this training. The only readily available group for them to use this on is the regular populace.

He was trained to have his gun out and to respond with overwhelming force to anyone resisting him. Why would anyone be surprised that he did this?

This was common in olden days – and Machiavelli strongly warns in several of his works against relying on mercenaries or soldiers that do nothing but soldiery for all protection specifically for this reason. The most shining example of this was the English king that, having no real army of his own, was tired of English lands being ravaged by the Picts. To resolve this he hired Anglo-Saxon tribes from Germany to defend them. The Germans did a spectacular job and murdered pretty much all of the Picts. Then, noticing how weak the English were, they murdered the king and all the nobles – making England a Saxon country as they took the throne.

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