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Police Part 0: How It Works

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Here’s a subject close to my heart. I have a special dislike of police. I have met many, but only two that I would consider decent human beings. Therefore, I am going to create a six part series detailing some of the cold hard facts about Police. I will use Arizona for statistics since I live there, but these tenants hold true for the whole country.

How Police are supposed to work:

Police are the arm and fist of the law. They are the ones that actually attempt to enforce the laws of the land. Laws, all by themselves, are designed to intimidate would-be offenders into not offending. Of course, if nobody ever gets caught then the laws can not intimidate. That’s where police come in – they are there to catch people that have offended so that they can receive their punishment.

Notice I say “have offended” – that is the intent of police. The Canadian Royal Mounted Police are the most honest about it. They say “The Mounties always get their man,” which indicates that if you commit a crime you will be caught. In a just society, the police do not arrive in the nick of time to save someone from a horrible fate. They always arrive AFTER it has happened, investigate it, figure out who did it, and then they catch the bad guy.

How Policing really works:

That’s how it is supposed to work, but it doesn’t most of the time. The police are not very interested in solving major crimes. They certainly have plenty to solve! Check this out. It’s just for Phoenix and just for this year. Clearly, crime is not being deterred.

The thing is that those crimes are really hard to solve and even if they do, the people that they will be going after are violent and likely to shoot back, and why go after them when it is much easier to go after a speeder or someone that might be ever so slightly intoxicated, or might have been intoxicated recently, or ANYTHING where they aren’t going after malicious people that are likely to pull the trigger on a cop.

The Bottom Line:

Police can’t protect you. The only person that can stop a crime from happening to you is you.

In the next five sections, I will describe how the goals of police have changed since their inception, how they focus on punishing people that are likely to commit a crime rather than people that are or have committed one, how compensation lends itself to the bahavior of police and police unions, the concept of mercenaries and how that applies to police, and then I’ll try to wrap it all up with a review.

Stay tuned!

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