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PIIGS: Not done yet

Germany made some reforms to cut spending on welfare and they cut taxes. Merkel, or as the greenies refer to her “Frau Nein” (Mrs. No) has cut many green initiatives.  What happened? Germany rebounded. Now, other EU member states are thinking of doing the same.

This has sparked off a few key centers of the socialist brain:

Mysterious, Narcisstic and Dysfunctional. Click for host site.

The other member states want to do what Germany has done because if they don’t they face bankruptcy. Not that I think Germany would do this, but they would be in a good position to purchase portions of those countries. So what’s stopping the other member states from following the German example?

Professional handout recipients. Click for the story.

Unions. They are threatening strikes, violence, whatever they have to in order to keep that free money flowing. The UK is considering a 100% income tax – but they forget that they have to have something to tax. Single minded, brutish thugs are holding the EU hostage and they were put into power by the EU itself.

Don’t laugh America – Obama has been declaring that Unions are going to “save” the USA too… They’re all he confers with. You know, outside of his usual cadres of socialists.

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