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Income Tax Needs to Go

We need to make our representatives repeal the 16th amendment.

Whew! That’s a bold statement! Here’s the fact of the matter though:

Before the 16th amendment was passed, we consumers could limit how much money Government had to play with by how much merchandise we bought. The government had no other income streams, and so was forced into a position of fiscal responsibility by being at the mercy of the populace.

After the 16th amendment was passed, Government could determine how much money each member of the populace got to keep from his/her paycheck. With one amendment the government went from being a subject of the people to being the ruler of the people.

The bottom line is that whoever hands out the cash gets to be rule-maker and that needs to be the populace and not the Government. Government works for us – not the other way around, but until we take the credit card away from Government, we and our entire future will be subjugated into serfdom. The easiest and most sure way of being certain we are in control is to repeal the 16th Amendment.


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