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Crab Grass Roots

I’ve been checking out the liberals talking about the Tea Partiers (TPs) and I checked out the Tea Partiers talking about Tea Partiers and I see a pattern:


  • TPs are dumb and just paid to show up.
  • TPs are funded by Big Oil and other monster corps.
  • They actually like the policies coming out of the White House, they just say they’re opposed to them because they’re paid to (Astro Turf, they call it).

Tea Partiers:

  • Random individuals that are upset with the administration and have never or rarely been involved with politics (Grass Roots, they call it).
  • Diverse in almost every way imaginable.
  • Come from all economic classes.

My view:

  • TPs refuse to be marginalized by countering all the ad hominem attacks through refusing to lock horns over it – this has proven to be very difficult for liberals to deal with.
  • TPs tend to ask very direct and simple (i.e. “yes” or “no”) questions. This is hard for politicians of any persuasion that have been in power to answer.  Questions like, “Did you screw us over on purpose” and “Will you repeal these harmful laws” have proven to be VERY difficult for the incumbents (both GOP and Dem) to answer.
  • TPs are persistent and getting more numerous. The danger now is that they become too big to remain focused and so become distracted, but even if this happens – the spirit of the movement is out there and infectious. It’s simple: everyone “gets it”. The details are what are hard to hammer out, but now more than ever the spirit is in the air.

Because of this, “Grass Roots” isn’t really a good description – this was always the old white folks that had time and retirement money to spend on campaigning, and the TPs have people of every description as members.

“Astro Turf” is not a good description either – these are the “rent a rioters” that the Unions prefer to use to disrupt the “Grass Roots” people.

Instead, I propose a new term: Crab Grass Roots. One day you have a couple patches of it, and by the end of the week you have a whole yard full. All the old herbicides don’t work and once established they are too numerous to pull out by hand. While the politicians were off partying and ignoring their constituents, their constituents turned into Crab Grass and now they had better figure out how to live with it because it isn’t going away any time soon.

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