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It’s not just the Democrats

As polls show Democrats are losing ground and the Reid-Pelosi-Obama crowd becomes more desperate to sell their snake oil, take a moment to remember something:

It’s not just the Democrats. There are PLENTY of Republicans that are every bit as horrible as the Democrats. John McCain is running for his usual seat – if elected, he will do nothing for the first couple years (as usual) and then he’ll run for President again. He is every bit as progressive as Obama. He’s just the old and white version. He is just as endorsed by Unions as Obama.

Another example Republican from Arizona (I’m more familiar with Arizona) is Jeff Flake. He also will say or do anything to increase his own power. That’s all he cares about. He’s just as liberal as any given Democrat. He is also supported by Unions.

The lesson here is to closely examine your choices – listen to the debates. Check out prior voting records. If they are out of nowhere, quiz them closely about how they stand on the issues and why they have that stance. Decide for yourself what the correct answers are and if the candidates don’t share those views – let them know. Get your friends and family together and hammer it into them what you want and don’t let up. Don’t let the candidates think “oh, I just have to put up with this till the election is over and then I can do what I want.”

Call, write, go to meetings, go to rallies, comment in your local paper’s forums, write letters to the editors – do whatever you can to let these people know what it is you want. Don’t just vote Republican – there are plenty of Marxist Progressives in the Republican party.

Watch out for the Unions – they are a huge red flag. Anyone with their backing is probably a progressive and not concerned about your well-being.

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