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The Mosque

The people that want to build it bought the land and they at least claim to not want to use it to harm non-Muslims. On that, I can’t see any reason to not build it. The mainstream media seems to think this is the entire argument for or against. It is not. One thing I can agree with the media on, is that it is highly insensitive to build it there.

With that in mind, here are some better reasons why they shouldn’t build it there:

  1. Imminent Vandalism. I don’t like vandalism and don’t do it, but they’re asking for it. Some people are offended by the idea of it being there, and it should not surprise anyone if the mosque is repeatedly vandalised.
  2. Blatant Political Straw Man. The nutbags in Palestine, Iran and so forth will use the vandalism as justification of all they do against the west. They’ll never admit that their own insensitivity caused the mosque to be vandalized, so for them it is a perfect straw man.
  3. Either…Victimization of Muslims by Muslims. The non-nutbag Muslims who go to this mosque and have to put up with the sneering, the vandalism and the anger over the insensitivity of putting it there will become poster children for the nutbag Muslims. It would be ala “Look at how the west treats the moderate Muslims! They just hate us all, so we are justified in every act of terror and violence against the west.”
  4. OR…Look how weak the west is. Now, all the nutbag Muslims’ claims of “the west is weak” will be justified (in their eyes). This will put moderate Muslims in a bind between the nutbags and the west.

So what to do?

I don’t feel that it is ok to tell them they can’t build it, but I do feel that it is ok to be insensitive right back to them if they build it there. If built, the Muslims who attend should not have ANY PROBLEM WHATSOEVER being branded as the poster-child of insensitivity.

If they build it and people picket the place constantly, peacefully protest it constantly, refuse to do business with Muslims who attend, and generally despise everything about that Mosque – nobody should be surprised, shocked or otherwise care.

To turn the situation around: If I opened a crematorium right across the street from a synagogue and called it “Alt Volk Brenner” – I should not be at all surprised if the Jewish community suddenly doesn’t like me and feels that I am insensitive, stops talking to me or my friends and family, refuses to serve me in their places of business, etc. Furthermore, they would be right.

As decent human beings, the Muslims should not build it there. If they do, they will be announcing to the world that they are not decent human beings and that it is OK to treat them as such. If they don’t want that – don’t build it.

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