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A New Health Care Idea

The real problem with health care:

The problem with health care today is not “why can’t all people get it” or “how do we all pay for it” – the real problem is “why is it so expensive”.

IF, when you catch some bug, all you had to do was go the doctor, pay out $30 bucks for the visit and maybe $10 for some cheap antibiotics then health care wouldn’t even be an issue. However, my doctor charges $90 for a visit if I pay out of pocket, or $320 if I let my insurance cover it (co-pay of $10). Why is that? Well, my insurance company is just barely willing to pay $320 and I am just barely willing to pay $90 – depending on who is paying is what my doctor’s office charges. You might think my insurance company is gullible for paying the $320, but how can they know? They aren’t in the office with me – for all they know that’s a good deal for the service I get.

They rely on me to shop around, but why should I? As long as I go to a doctor that accepts my insurance, I only pay $10. If it wasn’t for curiosity, I wouldn’t even care what my doctor charges my insurance company. This encourages doctor’s offices to charge as much as they can – and why not? They need the money to cover frivolous law suits, malpractice insurance, equipment, nurses, and so on. Their costs have the ability to bloom ridiculously fast in a very uncontrollable manner. Furthermore, it is socially acceptable for them to do this.

The end result is that there is pressure to push the price of health care up and not down.

MrTouchdown’s proposal:

Do away with insurance entirely. Hear me out – I have a plan! Instead of paying into insurance that can be taken advantage of, let these insurance companies offer medical loans for emergencies that are very accessible 24/7 and then let the patient shop around. If you have an emergency and you go to the hospital, they give you (or your loved one) a bill and you get a loan. Then you pay back the loan when you get well. When it’s all paid off – you’re done! No more payments.

For regular doctor visits – you would be tempted to shop around and get the best value for the best price. Doctors would compete for your business, which means (like all other goods or services) the prices would go down and the quality and quantity would go up. Take Lasik procedures for example – they are vastly cheaper and more available now than when they first were offered because they are NOT covered by insurance and doctors have to compete for the business.

For conditions that will never go away – there are lots of ways of defraying those costs that we could do, but don’t. I can easily imagine a Diabetes Consortium that is a group that actively shops for good deals on insulin supplies and rates doctors, finds deals, offers discounts (like AAA for car and house insurance) and offers loan services or loan discounts for club members.

What about the destitute, like the homeless? Well, they afford cell phones and drugs – so I’m pretty sure that if it only cost $30 to see a doctor they could probably swing that once in a while. They actually make fairly decent money. It’s their poor life choices that keep them homeless.

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