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The Crusades and Black Market Politics

On its face, the two don’t immediately seem to have a lot in common, but in fact they do. I’ve recently been looking into both and I am surprised at the similarities.

Around the year 1090 Europe was ruled by various warlords (dukes, counts, barons, whatever) with thugs called “knights” that were really only good for killing and stealing. These warlords were really only beholden to themselves and gave mild lip-service to the pope (either of them.. there were two at the time). Read this if you want more detail on exactly what was happening.

In a black market situation, a similar occurance seems to form itself. Take the gangs in Northern Mexico right now. They do what they want while paying only lip service to the Mexican President. By lip service I mean they thumb their noses at him and continue to bribe most of the authorities and kill the ones they can’t bribe. They operate without any real regard for borders – just like the European warlords in the late 11th century did.

So, for the first Crusade the pope Urban II basically tried to redirect the psychopathic killers from killing their neighbors and directed them to go re-take Jerusalem, which had been peaceably taken by Turkish Muslims as a form of penance. His reasoning seemed to be “at least they aren’t killing Christians anymore”. He certainly didn’t complain much when Emico slaughtered thousands of Jews in Mainz in 1096.

What does this have to do with Black Markets?

As our leadership continues to pass more and more laws they make virtually everything illegal to some degree or another. Seriously – go look at your local state’s complete list of statutes. Here’s my state. I can’t even begin to count them all. Police officers and other law enforcement will be forced to choose between arresting their own family or not enforcing all the laws. No form of business other than what is sanctioned and created by government will be legal. The black market will grow to encompass many different industries. Police will be over-burdened and it will become very attractive to them to take bribes (not that they aren’t already. I admit I can’t prove that).

What this will end up being is a new form of feudalism with Black Market leaders making up the new dukes, counts, etc. Since they’ll already be law-breakers they will have no incentive to NOT break all the laws. They will have money and power just like the northern Mexican gangs do today. Things will get very chaotic very fast.

In short – having so many laws actually hurts society and makes us devolve to a more desperate state. Deregulation is vital to the health of our society, or else we risk another Dark Ages.

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