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Obama in the Oval Office

Lies, misdirections and most of all WHERE IS THE SOCIAL JUSTICE!?!!?

Here is a copy of his speech. I have decrypted what he is saying and translated where I could. It was really hard to get all the way through this.

0:20 – *LIE* He said he’d bring them home. But he hasn’t.  This is a good start!

0:28 – Battle! The Brittish Oil is coming!

1:08 – Government will fix it.

1:14 – Steven Chu – the Washington Post says: He sought and won the top job at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2004, leaving the Stanford University faculty to focus on energy issues. Chu was in London last night and unavailable for comment, but the physicist has been, in the words of his Web site, on a “mission” to make the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “the world leader in alternative and renewable energy research, particularly the development of carbon-neutral sources of energy.”

1:28 – BP is going to fix it. *Flip*

1:45 – They say they can stop the leak completely and Obama is going with that!Let’s all celebrate the word “SHOULD”!

2:10 – “make no mistake”: this was Bush’s second favorite propaganda phrase after “stay the course”. Funny that Obama feels comfortable using it.

2:20 – We may not be doing anything about the spill, but we are charging BP.

2:27 – Notice the word “people”. This is a hint for what’s coming!

2:35 – Government is going to fix it. *flop*

3:18 – 17,000 national guard members, yet he can only spare 1200 for the border.

3:25 – they’re ready? If they’re ready why are they not doing it? What’s the hold-up?

3:40 – the governers have been begging for them but they’ve been denied because of bureaucratic nonsense.

3:50 – *LIE* burning and skimming are two methods his administration forbade until VERY recently. Why’d they wait?

4:10 – We have people working on thinking up a solution.

4:20 – we know we will fail, so we want to give ourselves an escape hatch.

4:45 – here it comes!

4:55 – we may not know how to stop the leak, but we can make promises about cleanup.

5:04 – they CAN’T work now. (get ready for who is going to fix this!)

5:26 – where’s the social justice!?

5:37 – Obama will do a magic trick to undo what he said was just done.

5:45 – Government will make BP fix it *flip*

6:03 – A mystery group will oversee it!

6:16 – The setup from 4:45 is coming to fruition

6:25 – where’s the environmental justice!?

6:42 – Government will fix it. *flop*

6:50 – We’ll waste money on something unrelated to addressing the oil spill problem.

7:07 – behold the beauty of our witch hunt! BP will PAY!

7:20 – we don’t have enough rules. More rules prevents negligence.

7:25 – I was almost forced into making our energy cheaper, so I am relieved this happened.

7:45 – why did an accident happen? WHERE IS THE SOCIAL JUSTICE!!!?

7:58 – Goverment will investigate it so that we can come up with some more rules, but we need more government.

8:10 – Finally, I have an excuse to stop domestic oil production. I’m putting these people out of business for their own good.

8:25 – Nobody has any clue how to drill in the deep ocean. It’s a mystery.

8:28 – Get the investigation done quickly, but not too quickly. Go about Post Office fast.

8:50 – This agency doesn’t like regulation. It’s their fault… WHERE’S THE SOCIAL JUSTICE!?!?!

9:03 – Regulators got gifts, like when I offered jobs to people I didn’t want running against the incumbant, but since they are private industry it’s WRONG to do.

9:06 – The only people that can write their own regulations are me and Pelosi. These corps actually thought THEY could do that!

9:19 – The corruption was cleared up BEFORE the accident.

9:24 – No wait, the corruption was not cleared up. *flip-flop*

9:27 – the pace of reform was too Post Office fast.

9:32 – clearly, the answer is more government.

9:49 – To recap: more rules, more enforcement… you know, it isn’t even worth drilling for oil, so let’s stop it.

10:08 – here’s an urban myth you’ve been force fed in school. [we can’t actually make oil in a lab from plant/animal material, therefore it is unknown if it is really a product of “fossils”.]

10:12 – *LIE* [We have much more, but current environmental regulations do not allow it to be tapped]

10:18 – *LIE* [They are drilling there because it’s legal and they aren’t allowed to drill in safer areas]

10:23 – *LIE* [Again, only because of environmental regulations]

10:29 – another urban myth you’ve been force fed at school.

10:36 – *Truth* He finally said something true!

10:42 – *LIE* there is no indication that the “challenge” is urgent. Unless, if by “challenge” Obama means shutting down the US economy.

10:52 – prepare to blame Bush!

11:02 – *MISDIRECTION* China is investing in them because people want them and China has much more lax environmental laws and no unions so they are a logical choice as a manufacturing center.

11:09 – Here is the starting line for how much we pay other countries for their oil [this will now go up because of 8:10]

11:17 – where is the social JUSTICE!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

11:30 – let me introduce my clean energy agenda NOW!

11:38 – the magical innovation! Workers of the world UNITE!

11:55 – let me tell you about my governmental subsidies.

12:05 – people are doing stuff they were doing back in the bush era, but I’d like to take credit for this one.

12:20 – *LIE* If this were true it would be front page news. So far we have only seen the same 40 year old solar and wind.

12:26 – you need to make sacrifices for the benefit of the collective.

12:33 – *LIE* Spain tried this and it destroyed them. Each green job cost 2.5 regular jobs.

12:42 – don’t think about it. ACT NOW!

12:52 – workers of the world UNITE!

13:00 – I’ll drop another hint: energy indipendance = no economy.

13:12 – *LIE* It is only profitable if subsidies are given out. These subsidies lower GDP and actually hurt our economy – not help it.

13:18 – it’s going to cost you your way of life.

13:27 – *MISDIRECTION* cap and trade hurts all of these things too, but most especially the economy.

13:40 – I’ll listen to any idea that is mine.

13:50 – “some” have suggested more rules.

13:58 – *MISDIRECTION* The two industries have nothing in common other than high tech requires a lot of energy, so why would we expect them to have comparable R&D costs?

14:08 – I am only interested in energy sources that have had billions of dollars poured into them over the past 40 years and have gone nowhere.

14:18 – you must act now! don’t think about it!

14:26 – *MISDIRECTION* WWII has absolutely nothing in common with a “green” economy other than the White House has friends that are communists.

14:32 – *MISDIRECTION* Landing a man on the moon is not in any way similar to changing the way of life of each person living in the US.

14:48 – I understand the reasons people want freedom, but we’re not there yet. By that, I mean we are not a socialist state yet. On the way, yes. But not there yet.

15:07 – Hard times are coming, so start looking into religion. It’s the only thing you’ll be able to afford if I get what I want.

15:18 – I’m done now, so I’m going to waste your time with a pointless story for a bit.

16:28 – What is going to get us through this is faith.

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