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BP: Shifting Gears?

Greenpeace gave BP the Emerald Paintbrush in recognition of their greenwash campaign. However, one thing that is interesting is that BP invested $1.5 Billion last year in “green” technologies. They also have adopted a logo that is very similar to the Green Party of Canada. They also spent $16 Million to lobby congress in 2009. They are mentioned right along with GE whenever “Green Investing” and “Green Initiatives” are involved.

So what?

Well, here’s what I think: they will drag out the leaking oil as long as they can to make things look as bad as possible in the hopes that the USA will not produce any oil of its own – thus relying more heavily on OPEC for oil, which would better create the environment of a monopoly. By doing this, the price can be artificially raised; thus, BP can make more money while producing less oil.

In the meantime, BP will come out with a mea culpa once they’ve leaked enough oil to completely ruin all domestic production of oil in the USA. They will announce more “Green” initiatives and push for EPA cap and trade. They will be doing this to “repent” for their crimes. Meanwhile, they’ll quietly start gouging us on the oil we import.

Too conspiracy theorist? Well, the groundwork is there.

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