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Lisa Jackson: EPA knows best

Lisa Jackson has seen the worries of small businesses and responded with… (drum roll)… socialist rhetoric.

Let me paraphrase it with what she really is saying (if you want her actual words follow the link above):

Small Business, your concern about higher energy prices, higher taxes and your fears about buying oil from our enemies is unfounded. By taxing the bejeesus out of you and your customers (really your customers twice because we know you’ll pass on the added expense to them) and force you to buy very unnecessarily expensive energy – we will provide you with that excuse you were looking for to go out of business and collect welfare.

Let’s talk about that expensive energy for a second: we’re going to require you to buy energy from intermittent sources while we outlaw collection of reliable sources on American soil so that we guarantee that the USA continues to by oil from our enemies who do not get excited over little things like oil spills. This will prevent any more BP style disasters… near us anyhow.

This is going to stimulate the economy – well, the government economy anyways. This way the government will be forced to own and operate everything – because who else would enter into a market where they KNOW they can’t make any money? Also, the government is going to need to do this in order to pay for all those welfare checks. Well, and to convince China to keep lending us money.

I mean, the sooner you just accept this, the sooner I can move on to other projects like  Soviet style 5 year plans. The only reason they didn’t work for the Soviets was because they didn’t have enough hope and change. The president has my back. Hell, he put me here, so you can’t stop me! Hahahaha

The laughter may be a bit over the top, but not the part about being unable to stop her.

Check it out.

I feel sick.

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