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The Energy Density Problem

Now that BP blundered, the push for renewable energy is on again. Just in time too! Cap and Taxoutofexistance was just about to die. Funny ol’ worl’ you reckon?

Before we go further into the deep end, let’s remember why renewable resources don’t work despite about 40 years of intense and expensive research:

Solar and Wind will never work because they require a LOT of space to set up, and environmentalists can always scrounge up (or make up?) some pathetic animal to trot out in front of us as an excuse to not build what we all admit we want because environmentalists choose to behave like flagellate priests. In the case of the spotted owl in the Arizona White Mountains – I don’t think it exists and I’ve spent decades in those mountains.

Anyhow, ignoring the fact that such facilities will never be built because of the screechings of the climate priests, here is why these technologies can not replace our current power sources: Energy Density. Yes, they are renewable, and yes the power is all over, but it is not concentrated densely enough to be useful as a main power source.

Here is an article that lays it out nicely.

So when you see a politician say, “Weeeelll now! The BP spill is just proof we need more windfarms and solar plants,” remember that they are not offering a solution; they are offering a very expensive distraction.

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