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Israel was right


“1:46 – We will use every way to do that” – So violence is clearly on the table and something they are perfectly happy to do.
“3:50 – we will try to convince our people not to accept that[negotiations with Israel]. We will do that in a democratic way.” – Up until now the Hamas version of “democratic” has been torture, kidnapping, murder, rape, and the like. He later goes on about how Hamas would prefer the Palestinians fight the Israelis rather than negotiate with them. He’d rather that Palestine defeat Israel in a bloody conflict before talking to them.

The bottom line – Hamas has huge influence in Palestine and Hamas is less interested in Palestine becoming its own country or integrating with Israel than they are in killing. Furthermore, the speaker talks about how he wants the western world to recognize what Palestine wants. Why should the west do that? Palestine and Hamas would prefer killing over negotiation – we in the west are diametrically opposed to that. Until they can meet the west halfway, we are under no obligation to even give them the time of day.

With that in mind – I really can’t blame Israel for wanting to search ships that came from a Hamas sympathetic, Israeli hating organization in Turkey before letting them dock at Palestine. To have done anything else would have been foolish.

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