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Climate Change: The Ship is on Fire

Now that the politicians that ensured those cushy grants to scientists so long as they linked whatever they were working on to Global Warming or the newer Climate Change are watching their careers crumble before their very eyes – the rats are jumping ship.

Observe: The Fire, marked most notably by some smoke – polls showing that no major or up-coming industrial nation’s populace views Climate Change as anything to be concerned about when compared to jobs. Check out traffic comparisons on the two. Even the British are onto it – and they have been remarkably gullible through this.

And now, the sure sign that the SS Climate Change is doomed – the rats are fleeing the ship. See Here and Here.

It seems that the scientific community has been alerted to the political climate and has said, “What? The funding is going away? That’s not so bad. I was so tired of playing lip service to this crap anyways.”

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