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The Socialist Harvest

I saw this article the other day that has the headline Regarding climate change, Kerry should heed science. How naive. This bill isn’t about science or climate change. Those are just pretenses that they are using to cram the bill down our throats. Since 1988, socialists have completely hijacked the environmental movement and turned it into a farm of fear that can be harvested at a later date. The socialists now see that the world is cooling and so they are trying to pick what fruit they can, and that is what the Kerry bill is all about. Real science has nothing to do with this.

The global warming hysterics have been soundly disproved, the economy has tanked and people are getting tired of being told they have to be poor or else a fish is going to die. Time is of the essence for free-market hating socialists like Kerry. They are on the cusp of losing all they’ve worked for over the past 22 years and so they are pushing for several last projects, of which this bill is one.

The best thing our representatives can do right now is have the courage to vote to keep things the same. Don’t pass any new bills – especially ones that are based on shaky “scientific” findings like Climate Change.

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