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[QUIT] your job today, so you can fully enjoy your healthcare!

I told my wife and son that I quit my job today so I could concentrate on my goal of becoming a interpretive dancer. I told my wife everything was going to be alright, Nancy Pelosi has my back! Pelosi wants me to focus on my dreams.

My wife asked me “how are we going to pay for the new home we just bought”… I said I don’t know… but don’t worry about it, because we got free healthcare!!! That is all we need!

Pelosi, I just want to say thank you! As a token of your neighbor’s appreciation, we’re going to shut your power off!

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  1. May 20, 2010 at 9:47 am

    An Entrepreneurial bill? Really? How so? The whole point of entrepreneurship is to develop something on your own and then take a risk to get it out to the market.

    In this case – she is saying the exact opposite. She is saying “the health care bill takes away the risk of you losing something in order to pursue your art.”

    Art is not entrepreneurial. Art does not grow the economy. It might enrich peoples’ lives, but it does not generate income.

    Pelosi! You damn liar!

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