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John McCain: A few thoughts

These are just some idle musings on the man. I’m not intentionally pushing any particular viewpoint, just noticing some stuff.

In Arizona we have an election coming up for John McCain’s seat, and I got to thinking about him. I’ve met him a couple times in passing, but I’ve never had a real conversation with him, so I can’t say that I have gained an impression of him from experience. Therefore, I took a look at his voting record. What I found there is what seems like a pattern. For the first half of a term he has a tendency to vote on basically nothing. Then, in the last half he votes on lots of stuff. When he votes it is usually pretty conservative unless it’s a high profile vote, like the stimulus packages (the first he voted for, and the second he voted against).

What this tells me is that he wants the office for some other reason than being a Senator. Why? I don’t know. Clearly, it has something to do with Washington and requires he have a seat, but I don’t think it particularly has a whole lot to do with what he votes on since he doesn’t vote for the first half of his term. My natural reaction for that kind of activity is “Asian hookers”, but I am pretty sure you don’t have to be a Senator to get those, so that’s probably not it.

One thing I do see him doing right now in this campaign is helping the Obama administration and the Main Stream Media distract the Arizona audience with talk about the border. With the recent SB 1070 controversy, this means he is helping these groups distract the whole country. Now, obviously he must address this issue; however, his entire platform is “the border”. The clincher – how does he plan to fix it? By doing the same failed stuff that the DEA has been doing. Those techniques (like building walls) have never worked, and they aren’t going to magically start working because John McCain has reversed his previous position from promoting amnesty and now wants a wall.

Bottom line: John McCain is not looking out for America or Arizona – he is looking out for himself and when it nears election time he is willing to break from whatever it is he was doing previously to start voting and drumming up support for himself.

His opponent is JD Hayworth. I don’t know much about him either, but I hear he’s kinda similar to McCain, so it looks like at the moment we don’t have a good choice, just a less evil one.

If you know something about these men, or if you just have an opinion – plop it down in the comments!

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  1. ezpoacher
    May 25, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Why don’t we promote the hunting of illegal aliens? Not only will it help curb the illegal problem, it will bring in big bucks from the hunters!

    — EDIT: I will allow this comment only because I think it falls into the “Lots of people are thinking it, but that guy said it” category. I will explain in my own comment. — MrT

  2. May 25, 2010 at 5:18 am

    This is a very dangerous idea. The media has been pushing for this sort of thinking for a long time now. Every time someone disagrees with Obama they get labeled a racist and the new bill in Arizona has been made to look like it’s all about race, when in fact it is not.

    The media and the socialists in Washington want a race war. It would immediately be labeled a second civil war and martial law would be declared and then their goal of turning the US into a another socialist state would be complete.

    While there are undoubtedly people out there thinking “we should just shoot the bastards” – that is not an acceptable way to solve this issue.

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