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Are you a socialist? Try the new socialist quiz!

Several people are lined up to attend a special dinner engagement at a fine restaurant and there is only one table left that seats 10 people. So the next 10 people in line, all strangers, are ushered to the last dinner table.

During the night the 10 strangers got to enjoy the entertainment provided by the restaurant,  good conversation between each other, and the delicious meals that they ordered.

As the night drew to a close the waiter presented the table with the check which totaled $753.35. The group looked at each other not having known they were going to receive one check for the whole table. The group had to decide how they were going to divide up the check.

Using the various financial classes of the 10 people below, which group should be responsible for paying the majority of the check?

Group A =  Millionaire $1,000.000 /yr
Group B =  Upper class $250,000 /yr
Group C =  middle class $75,000 /yr
Group D =  middle lower class $40,000 /yr
Group E =  lower class $18,000 /yr

With your answer in mind, click here to find out if you’re a socialist!

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