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The difference between a Liberal and a Socialist

Liberals make me feel warm and fuzzy like a feel good movie – just like a movie they live in a fantasy world and tend to ignore fundamental realities in order to paint the world all rosy colored. Liberals are the most hopeful and trusting people in the world. They believe the human soul is basically good and that when given a choice between doing the “right” thing and doing the “personally beneficial” thing, people will pick the “right” thing. Liberals believe that everybody should take care of everyone else. They have a “we’re in this together” attitude. This, of course, means that liberals are incredibly gullible and in turn this makes them vulnerable to exploitation.

Socialists, on the other hand, make me feel cold and angry. In a socialist’s view – there is no “should” there are only mandates. In their view, not only should everybody take care of everyone else, but there will be repercussions if this does not happen. They dissect populations into numbers and view each individual as an interchangeable part for a larger machine, and like a machine, there needs to be an operator. This is the socialist’s real goal: to be the operator. On its face – this is an ugly and a distasteful way to operate a society, and so socialists seek to hide the face of socialism.

This is where liberalism and socialism intersect. They both adhere to the idea that people have some sort of responsibility to help each other out. Who could say that sounds bad? This is the camouflage that socialists need. It sounds great right up until the question “or else what?” is brought up. A liberal would say that if you do not help out, then you wear the label of “a bad person”, and that’s really all. A socialist will require more. A socialist wants you held responsible for being a bad person – you should be punished for being a bad person so that you stop being a bad person. This is “social justice”. Eager to be arbiters of justice – socialists gladly take up the mantle of Judge and Leader to divide the population into nothing more than numbers to be assigned as cogs in the machine of society to prevent anyone from being “a bad person”. As the chains settle on the population the population begins to get unruly and so the socialists then need to lock them down with more laws and stronger punishments until finally the society is nothing more than a police state.

What’s the result? The people at the top are very rich and the people at the bottom are very poor and completely reliant on the people at the top (lest their livelihoods be taken away). Who are the people at the top? Why, the socialists that put the machine together. How long will the machine run? Not very long, but that’s ok, because the socialists that put it together never were thinking about other people or the future – they were thinking about themselves and today.

The Moral of the Story:

Know a socialist by recognizing a desire to force people to be charitable. Also, beware politicians bearing gifts (any kind of  hand-out), for they are trying to addict you to the government teat.

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