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State Bill 1070 and all the hoopla

The situation:

For those that don’t live in Arizona (or the USA for that matter) – Arizona (AZ) is a state in the southwestern United States that borders Mexico. In the USA, it is illegal to immigrate to the USA without going through the naturalization process. We call it “illegal immigration” when that happens, and yes there are penalties for doing it. This is a federal law and if the feds catch somebody, they deport him/her back to his/her home country (which is a rare occurrence and only happens if the feds arrest someone in conjunction with another federal crime).

Well, AZ doesn’t feel that the federal government is doing a good enough job enforcing it, so we’ve passed a state law allowing local law enforcement to enforce the federal law. This did not go over well with hippies, socialists and other groups that think that all a person should have to do to immigrate to a new country is manage to show up. Now, I happen to think immigration is a good thing, and I do think that the US makes it too difficult for a person to immigrate legally (not to mention too expensive), but I don’t like illegal immigration either. There’s a way to make me happy, and that’s at the end of the post.

Mainstream Media’s portrayal so far:

The mainstream media (MSM), being comprised of mostly socialists, has really taken up the banner of indignation. They are comparing the proponents of the bill to Nazis and are suggesting that Latino people will be accosted and forced to show proof of citizenship for no other reason than they look Latino. This is not the case – the only time proof would be asked for would be if a person was involved in some sort of police issue (like a crime). Carrying the information isn’t that big of a deal, because if you drive (and if you live in Arizona you drive because the urban area has a volume of 475 sq. miles), you have to carry what is essentially that very information anyhow. I’ve lived here almost my entire life (my family has been here since before Arizona was a state) and I can say with the utmost confidence that the vast majority of people do NOT want to round up all the illegals and slap them in a concentration camp or some such. The Nazi analogy is nothing more than hysteria to raise ratings.

The MSM also says that tourism has come to a halt… But tourism was already at a halt. When the economy tanked people stopped going on vacations because now that about 10% of all Americans are unemployed (with the ‘real’ unemployment rate around 17%), vacations have become a thing of “the good old days”. So to say that tourism has stopped because of this bill is a very large red herring. Just for kicks though, I’ll try to out-do it: Because of SB 1070, more oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico have had major disasters than in the past decade and Lady Gaga songs have become more popular.

The Center for Immigration Studies says that about 70% of Arizonans support the bill. That’s a lot. Especially when you consider that only about 60% of the state are non-Hispanic whites (the people being blamed most for the bill). Again, that blows the Nazi analogy out of the water. Just for flavor – I am a Hispanic White. Great-great grandma was from Spain and her brother helped Pancho Villa recruit new banditos.

So what to do?

When the bill stands up in court (and it will since all it does is give local police the authority to enforce another law that his been tried in higher courts), the question pro-immigration people should be asking is, “how do we make this ok?” I think the answer lies in the naturalization process.

The naturalization process is what looks to me to be a standard issue US Gov’t bureaucratic nightmare, and it costs $675 (8700 pesos) just to process the paperwork and submit an application. Then the waiting starts – and lasts years. If you’re a poor Mexican (average wage in Mexico is $4.25 an hour and most are “under-employed”, which means they don’t work full time) that wants to get away from the gangs and make better money and a better life in the US – it is rumored to be slightly cheaper to hire a coyote ($122[1600 pesos] – $540 [7000 pesos]) and there’s no paperwork or waiting involved. You would be risking your life, but it doesn’t take years to get across.

How to make me happy:

If the opponents to SB1070 really want to do something helpful and constructive – they should work on making it easier and cheaper to naturalize. Once naturalized, a person has only to keep an ID card at hand and pay taxes. If you took a poll of illegal immigrants to find out if they would have come legally if it was easier, I propose they would rather do that than risk getting sent back to their home countries and/or jail time – not to mention taking a chance on dying in the desert from either exposure, animals, or the coyotes making an example out of them to ensure the other illegals pay their dues (the coyotes make it hell on those people – they rob them, abandon them in the desert, rape, murder, torture – you name it).

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  1. droidurlooking4
    May 11, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    Arizona just needs to trust the people they hire to “police” their state in an honest way. If everyone thinks the cops will pull over any brown-skinned person to check for ID, maybe those people shouldn’t be cops. If I were trying to come to the US illegally I’d take the trip through California or Texas before playing chicken with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    I haven’t heard too many people compare this issue with England/Poland immigration yet either.

  2. Malfeasant
    May 12, 2010 at 2:09 am

    I agree for the most part… make it easier to become a naturalized citizen, that will remove part of the problem, but there will still be smuggling- decrminializing drugs will take care of that. The war on drugs, if the intent really was to eliminate drugs, is a dismal failure. On the other hand, if the intent was to sieze large amounts of property, enslave a great many people, and generally make money hand over fist for the “government”, then it’s a huge success.
    Part of the reason for the Nazi comparison- which is a little far fetched, yes, but the scary thing is it’s not completely ridiculous- is that 1930s Germany didn’t just start roasting Jews overnight, there was an undercurrent of distrust toward Jews which was exploited by Hitler et al to gain power, it took years to build up- when you indulge the mob’s fear, sooner or later it gets ugly. I’d guess most of those making that comparison do not actually think it will ever go that far, but intend to make sure of that by pointing out the potential.
    As far as being required to show papers, that is a problem, regardless of whether the target is legal, illegal, born here, etc- when Bob Dylan was detained last year in a well-to-do neighborhood in New Jersey for being “suspicious” (he had some time to kill before a concert so was walking around admiring the houses) that says to me people are too damn afraid of their own shadows. The whole point of the 4th amendment is to require government to have a reason to suspect someone before getting involved. If you pick any random person out of a crowd, chances are they have done some minor thing at some point that would offend the status quo- and even if not, there is always a temptation for those in power to manufacture something to inflate their own self-worth- a former neighbor of mine did 4 years for manslaughter, and his victim didn’t even die- the magic of a plea bargain, prosecution lays out the evidence, says we’ll throw everything at you and you might get 10 years, unless you play ball, then we’ll make it easy on you- only after the fact does he find out the guy didn’t die, but hey, already plead, too bad.

  3. Capt. T-Fry
    May 12, 2010 at 5:16 am

    I agree. To enter our country you have to follow our laws. Its common sense. If you work for an employer, you agree to follow their rules and requirements (no matter what you think of them) for money. I also agree the process is too difficult and too expensive. It needs to be changed.

    Lastly, for those people that held signs up that said “We are not the minority”. Your empty threats only prove your own lack of understanding. If you honestly think threatening people is going to help aid your cause you’re wrong. Do yourself a favor and keep your opinion to yourself in this instance. Your hurting your cause.

  4. May 12, 2010 at 6:00 am

    The England/Poland comparison is not really an apples to apples comparison to the USA because England (and other EU countries) contracted to accept so many immigrants from Poland (as part of the deal to allow Poland into the EU strangely enough). The Polish overshot by a lot (they got the hell out of Dodge) and now England is all upset over it. Ireland had the same thing happen, but they haven’t talked about it much.

    For the US – our “immigrant acceptance responsibility” is exactly ZERO, hence the reason it is not apples to apples to compare the two.

    Also, if you don’t trust the Police to enforce the law fairly – then we have a much bigger problem than just immigration. I think the police are failing at their primary objective “to protect and serve” and are exceeding at a much worse objective “to intimidate and oppress” – but that is a different subject for a different post!

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