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Why Europe, why?

You have so much potential, but in your fear of failure you let a monolithic, unresponsive, self-propagating governmental body wrap a choke-hold around anything that might actually push your future forward. I’ve spent some time living in Europe – the people are ready, able, and willing to be every bit as creative and successful as their US counterparts, but their hands are tied by government to the point that any incentive to do so is nothing more than a warm fuzzy dream.

The UN/EU is not the way to manage your countries – get rid of it. Look at Greece! They over-leveraged their whole country and now they are throwing a temper tantrum like a spoiled three year old and the EU gave in to them! Furthermore, all the “solution” that the EU gave them will do is prolong the inevitable and make the EU even more poor.

This dude is brilliant and you should give him a glance

In the meantime: watch your cornholes buds.

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