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CO2 is NOT Killing the Planet

Seriously. CO2 has marched faithfully up and the temperature record has continued to yo-yo just as if CO2 isn’t affecting it. The obvious answer – it isn’t.

The only proof the proponents of “Humans are destroying the Earth” have are some computer models that they programmed to to show that – *gasp* humans are destroying the earth!! To counter this, I wrote a computer model that proves that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) people lead depressing and un-fulfilling lives. The result? My model has extremely high confidence intervals that I am right. I have decided that if anyone would like to see my code, my response to such an inquiry will be the same as Phil Jones’ – Fuck off and I already deleted it and I lost the data.

Watch Him Squirm

Of course, my point is that computer models don’t prove anything just like losing the original data or vaguely alluding to “some other dude has it”. This is especially bad behavior for a scientist and very unbecoming of a Englishman. If I were to bump into him at a pub, not only would I not buy him a pint – if he had one already I’d spit in it and claim it as my own.

Anyhow, other climate stuff will be showing up here so if that is the sort of thing that gets your juices flowing, put some comments up.

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  1. rogerthesurf
    May 7, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    Interesting start.

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